Going “Green:” Middlesex Green, Concord, MA

This open house featured a “rolling lunch” covering a couple of hours when brokers could drop by, have lunch, and listen to the landlord broker team explain the new owner’s plan to upgrade and transform this 80’s office park to a “green user friendly” park. The theme here is “green.” It is the first suburban office park in this area to be transformed into a green offering – with energy efficient upgrades and added amenities. The “open house” featured two contests for the broker visitors to compete for a chance to win a portable “Apple Drone”. The contests included tossing a unusual odd-ball bean bag at a board with a hole in the top. If you were able to toss the bean bag successfully into the designated hole you would win another chance to win the “drone” drawing. In addition, there was a Frisbee toss – into a chain linked basket. If you were able to toss the frisbee into the basket you would again win another chance to win the drone drawing. I missed on the bean bag toss – but did succeed with the frisbie toss. Unfortunately this win did not result in my winning the drone drawing. It was fun and a little unusual – all the tossing was done inside the building while the brokers enjoyed lunch and heard the marketing pitch from the leasing team and the president of Paradigm Properties, John Caldwell – the new owner of the park. Green features to include a new fitness center with Wlllbeats; Green restaurant, Community gardens, electric car chargers, LED lighting, Shared bicycles, organic lawn products, etc.

Space here is offered in the low to mid $20 gross plus tenant electric. One of the five buildings in the park is already under agreement to be sold to a “user” – and another prospective tenant is looking to lease three other buildings in the park – so the new marketing plan is already paying off for Paradigm.

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