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Thank you for visiting Lee Partners. We want to network with other green professionals and businesses interested in supporting sustainability.

If you have any need for real estate advisory assistance, please consider using our services. We resonate with USGBC members and other sustainability-oriented firms. Our site here describes our work and our team. There are two basic things we can do to help another business such as yours:

  1. Help you find new space, review your current real estate situation, and advise on a real estate strategy for your firm
  2. If you have excess space or an empty building, we can help you market the space and find a tenant to generate income for you.

Let us know how we can collaborate with you.

We work with a variety of organizations already:

  • Businesses seeking space
  • Organizations championing green buildings
  • Public Service organizations
  • Professional networking groups

Take a look at what we’ve done. Read our blog to get a sense for what types of work we do. We use the best tools in the marketplace to provide top-notch service for clients who need help looking for new office space. This is our specialty and we can help you find a solution to your office space situation.

Give us a call! 781 290 8101 – Thanks!

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