Grey Lee

How much value are you getting from your real estate? Are your buildings really working for you and your staff? Is your office space looking behind the times?

Are you serious about sharpening your operation? I can help you financially audit your real estate and teach you how technology and green practices can increase the return on investment you have in your real estate.

I have fifteen years of experience in project management related to real estate. I understand leaders’ priorities having served as an executive director of a social enterprise.

My goal is to help clients find “green” real estate – high performance office space and super class A facilities. I can help owners shift their assets toward sustainability and higher return on investment, so tenant clients get the best space for their forward-thinking business.

Do you have a sustainability strategy? I will lead you through the forest of metrics, sensitivities and concerns that populate the landscape of sustainability and efficient use of real estate.

Let’s see how a focused, directed sustainability strategy can help you rapidly integrate these concepts to improve your business operations, attract larger market share, and re-boot your real estate situation for higher ROI.


Real Estate Advisory Services, Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Space Planning, Ecological Footprinting, Small Business and Social Enterprise Management and Financial Planning, Staff Development, Operations Management